In the early ages, humans subsisted on hunting and foraging before the development of agriculture brought about by the establishment of the first permanent settlements. Today, advances in agriculture have enabled the production of a variety of products, which are processed into various forms through modern production methods.

Advances in food production technology and nutritional sciences have led to higher quality standards and a massive diversity in food.

Vegetable and animal-based food must be processed in order to render them safe, edible and more palatable. Scientific and technological methods not merely slow or prevent spoilage, but also help combine different types of raw produce to create healthy, appealing, and tasty food alternatives for consumers. Processed foods enable modern urban societies to meet their needs more easily.

In all of these manufacturing processes, companies ensure compliance with best production practices, and also implement Quality Management System, GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) Standards and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems.

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