Hygieneis a scientific discipline that synthesizes the available knowledge onnutrition, health, and environment for the purpose of protecting and improvingindividual and public health.

Foodhygiene is a specialized branch of hygiene that is described as the necessarymeasures taken and conditions fulfilled for preventing safety risks and ensuringsuitability of food for human consumption. It means that the food is clean andcompletely free from any pathogens.

Sanitationmeans conditions suitable for health. Sanitationis achieved through cleaning and disinfection.

Interms of the food industry, sanitation encompasses efforts for creating andsustaining hygienic conditions in food production. It aims to prevent contaminationduring packaging, handling, storage and sale of raw foodstuff.

Hygieneis one of the essentials of the food industry. As such, many countries have legislatedon hygiene rules, transforming them into “State Policies”. Similarly, Turkey mandates fullcompliance with hygiene rules in food production.

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